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You Are A Gift Conversation With Anita Loos

Anita Loos CF and I had a nice and fun conversation about the Access Consciousness tools we use on a daily basis and how they changed our life.

Watch the video of our FB Live Interview here

SOP Conversation

#1 - Facebook Live Oct 20th, 2020

Symphony Advanced Practioners are talking about their
experience with the Symphony of Possibilities. I am one of
them. This conversation is a true gift.

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I facilitated my first Foundation Class!

- 9-12 October, 2020, at Corcelles-les-Beaujolais
What a contribution Emmanuelle et Véronique have been to
the class! What contribution we have been for one another!
That was so 'wow'. More of that, please.

- A big thank you to Marie-Chantal and happy birthday to you!

Date with the Universe

August 19th, 2020: I took part in that 24-hour long energetic
date with the Universe, as a Symphony Advanced Practioner.
Another Date with the Universe will happen in November. Yeah!

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Get Out of the Yuck and Start Creating Your Life

An evening class by Dain Heer, the phenomenal co-creator of
Access Consciousness with Gary Douglas.
It is an all-round reviewing of a few awesome tools that can help
you have a different point of view about yourself and your life
than the one you currently have. Tatiana and I translated that
teleclass, given after Brendon Watt's online COP Class in Mexico,
last August. These classes were the first ones that I live translated
for Access Consciousness. That was fabulously magic.

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A Series of 6 Online Symphony Group Tasters

Dr Lisa Cooney also is an SAP.
These group sessions are powerful and they will take you
to a most unexpected space.
I translated the whole series which means that you can
purchase the French version.

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Break Free From Your Cage

Dr Lida Cooney created and teaches the ROAR technique.
This online call is a striking example of what
can be accomplished thanks to ROAR, by freeing the person
from the trauma that she locked herself in.
I translated quite a number of these sessions and I am still
astonished at the miraculous change people undergo each time.

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