Being the Symphony of Water


Actually, the title could also be:  

"Being the Symphony of Possibilities with and as Water". 

 That is exactly what I experienced when we visited the Unesco World Heritage site of the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. 

We have a camper van and love touring familiar or foreign lands onboard our ÉPatAn, our gravel bikes at the back of it. So, after I finished live translating Dr Dain Heer's AC classes at Zagreb and Opatija beginning of November, André and I went for a road/gravel bike trip down the blissfully gorgeous Croatian coast. 


Almost from the start, I knew we had to sort of detour to the Plitvice Lakes National Park that is further inland. Not because I had read any guide or brochure for tourists - I never do. Just because I had happened to hear the name and it had echoed somewhere within me- it had been a big “Yes,...

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