Know what? I have no idea what 'being me' means. Not a clue. The one thing I know: I know when I am being me and when I am not.

Being Me is all about joy, gratitude, ease, amazement and magic. AND the constant choice of new possibilities. It is about being always on the move, with no point of view about it.

Whether I'm literally on the move- on my mountian bike or in my camper van. Or on the move in my choices, my life, my business, my relationships.

Some twenty years ago, when I took up cycling, I began to get that until then I had not been me at all. I had been what others wanted me to be. 

Cycling, or rather my bikes, have been like magic wands to me. They revealed to me what I had taken so much care to bury very deep. In fact, I misread or misinterpreted what was revealed to me, and went down another rabbit hole, that of competition, all the while thinking I had done it and had reached my destination.

Until some four or five years ago,...

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What gold seeker are you?


I'd like to introduce this article with a few questions.

What do you define as being a gold seeker that it isn't?

And what do you define as not being a gold seeker that it is?

And are you being a gold seeker?


I asked myself those questions when reading Séquoias that French novel by Michel Moutot whose title in English could be Redwood Trees.

Indeed the main protagonist made a lasting impression on me.

Mercator Fleming is a young whaling captain who chooses to let go of whale hunting in Nantucket- thus putting an end to his life as a spermaceti & ambergris seeker. Ambergris was then also called  'floating gold', ain't that interesting? 

He then sets off on a dangerous and six-month-long sea voyage around Cape Horn to California, his hopes raised by the news of the Gold Rush. 

That decision of his is made on the spur of the moment, upon listening to President James K. Polk's 1848 State of the Union address.

After reaching the small...

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Whis(h)pers & Shouts. What if you embraced your body?



As a BP facilitator with Access Consciousness, I've found out that most people use their bodies but do not embrace them. Before engaging with Access Consciousness and facilitating Bars classes or 2 BP classes or becoming a Symphony Advanced Practitioner, then a CF and a Being You Certified Facilitator,  I had been lucky enough to get the awareness that I was using my body too, and making it toil relentlessly hard to get it to what I wanted it to do and be. My body was my slave.

How many of you are using your body as your own slave? Never even thanking it for what it accomplishes for you every single minute of your life and instead judging it as not enough, or wrong, and abusing it in so many ways- you name it, like with force feeding it, or forcefully under-nourrishing it, force drinking it, or force exercising it, or force morphing it into something you desire and that does not work for it. Never heeding it- just like some slave-owner thrashing his disobeying...

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What Makes Us Children

H.D. Thoreau has been a favourite with me for quite some time now.

And yet my first encounter with his writings, in my college days, was not a playful one. I  couldn't grasp what Walden was about, I couldn't get connected to Thoreau's writing and to the topics that unfold throughout the book.

I could have danced for joy when I put the book back on the shelf, once my two month-long study of it came to an end. 

 I don't know how, but some thirty years later I found myself browsing through H.D. Thoreau's Journal.

First, it felt as if I had just been punched in the stomach, that was staggering- I could so relate with every word, every sentence there, on the page. Then came that elation, that urge to keep skipping to new pages, that revelation of my own being as I was reading the words- as if Thoreau's words  uncovered and unhid  what I had always known, had always desired to have or be. That was some magical reading!

A very meagre natural...

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The Energies of Travelling

There are so many energies that come with travels.
They are that enchanted that they do not dissipate once our travels are over.

They are a part of us, we are them, whenever and wherewer we desire to be them, as soon as we desire to be them. For as long as we desire to be them. That is magic.

This photo is like an immediate summoning of all the energies of our bike travel in New Zealand, last year. One glance at it, and i know who, where, when, what, and how.

And i can choose to create the present moment, the whole day I am at right now, even the future, from the energies that were and are still available in this photo.

Whether it be the energy of the joy of being immersed in this wild part of the Southern Island of New Zealand, or that of my body exhaustion then at play during that long demanding climb after crossing one of the many  mountain rivers, carrying our bike and luggage on our back.

And there also was this energy of freedom, knowing that it had...

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Poésie Nov 05, 2020

Words are energy. An energy that runs through all of their uses, all of their users, through all times and all places, through all lives and living.

Just like waves, words change forms and meanings upon striking the shores of the human world. They then ebb back to the open sea, swell on new energy out there before returning to us, made dizzy by that new meaning born from the windy expanse of water.

To be the energy of one word, the energy of all words. To be a word in the ocean waves, to be a wave of words in the ocean, to be an ocean of words. 

Words pre-existed us. We exist in them and our presence will subsist in them.

The infiniteness of words born into speech. The never-ending waves of words as the infiniteness of consciousness.

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The Circle of Manifestation

Access ConsciousnessBars Nov 4th, 2020

Since I discovered  Access Consciousness Bars, I have  been intrigued and drawn to this position of the fingers on the head, almost at the end of any Bars session.  I knew not why i was so fascinated by the Cercle of Manifestation and yet knew how powerful that position was.

Listening again to this episode of Shannon O'Hara's podcast, called Consciousness Anywhere,  The Circle of Manifestation was a real treat. The conversation between Shannon and Gary Douglas allowed me to receive essential awarenesses about the potency of Access Consciousness Bars and our own potency.

First of all: instead of asking "How do i make that happen?" about something we desire, what if we asked "How does this show up for me?" or "What is it going to take for this to show up?" ?

And what if we allowed our questioning to just be, without going to any answer at all. Manifestation depends on our capacity to receive?

And what if we stopped waiting...

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Being Relaxation

Being You And Changing The World Nov 2nd, 2020

Yesterday I listened to and was mesmerized  by Simone Milasas's voice as she was explaining on a telecall how choosing and creating, when done from a space of non-judgement and allowance, becomes so much more joyful, easy, quick and generative.

Lowering the barriers that imprison us, allowing our bodies to be light and spacious so as to effectively undo the solidity that changes us into statues, expansing ourselves as far out as possible instead of being contracted to nothing- all these things are so easy to achieve and to be, all it takes is us asking for them and being present to that ask. And that is.

Of course, you may choose not to believe in it. Or you may try and see. With your eyes closed or not. You may lie down or stand, you may remain motionless or move about. Play with all that, playing is the energy of relaxation, millions miles away from tension and contraction, isn't it?

This is where relaxation begins. When we...

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Jackie or the power of songs


Who hasn't already been blown away by a song or a music piece? To the point of listening to it over and over again for hours or days on end.

We have all experienced that, it is something we all have in common.

 I am not really interested in explaining or justifiying this phenomenon.

Instead I have a deep interest in being in total communion with the words, the voice, the instruments, the tune and rhythm of the song. And the journey it allows us to make.

 Whenever that happens to me, my being is not dissolving, vanishing or disappearing, instead it is melting  into expansion. I am utterly present to my body and at the same time I am being the acoustic waves of the song,  I am being this spaciousness born from perceiving and receiving the expansive energies the song. I know, that, I acknowledge that, and it always is joyful and magical to be that. 


 Have you already heard Jackie, by Placebo? This song, that goes back to quite a few years,...

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Having the choice... or better still being the choice

Being You And Changing The World Nov 1st, 2020

Yeah, the choice to make another choice than the one we were about to make is always ours, every single moment.

If our latest choice saw us fall or fail, why not choose again out of lightness and this time why not choose to truly cherish and care for us by going for what will gift us nurturing and sweet tenderness? Instead of repeating that same choice we so often make to demean ourselves.

Every single moment, a totally different choice from the ones we have made so far  is here for us to make.

What are you choosing?

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