Being the Symphony of Water


Actually, the title could also be:  

"Being the Symphony of Possibilities with and as Water". 

 That is exactly what I experienced when we visited the Unesco World Heritage site of the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. 

We have a camper van and love touring familiar or foreign lands onboard our ÉPatAn, our gravel bikes at the back of it. So, after I finished live translating Dr Dain Heer's AC classes at Zagreb and Opatija beginning of November, André and I went for a road/gravel bike trip down the blissfully gorgeous Croatian coast. 


Almost from the start, I knew we had to sort of detour to the Plitvice Lakes National Park that is further inland. Not because I had read any guide or brochure for tourists - I never do. Just because I had happened to hear the name and it had echoed somewhere within me- it had been a big “Yes,...

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What gold seeker are you?


I'd like to introduce this article with a few questions.

What do you define as being a gold seeker that it isn't?

And what do you define as not being a gold seeker that it is?

And are you being a gold seeker?


I asked myself those questions when reading Séquoias that French novel by Michel Moutot whose title in English could be Redwood Trees.

Indeed the main protagonist made a lasting impression on me.

Mercator Fleming is a young whaling captain who chooses to let go of whale hunting in Nantucket- thus putting an end to his life as a spermaceti & ambergris seeker. Ambergris was then also called  'floating gold', ain't that interesting? 

He then sets off on a dangerous and six-month-long sea voyage around Cape Horn to California, his hopes raised by the news of the Gold Rush. 

That decision of his is made on the spur of the moment, upon listening to President James K. Polk's 1848 State of the Union address.

After reaching the small...

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Whis(h)pers & Shouts. What if you embraced your body?



As a BP facilitator with Access Consciousness, I've found out that most people use their bodies but do not embrace them. Before engaging with Access Consciousness and facilitating Bars classes or 2 BP classes or becoming a Symphony Advanced Practitioner, then a CF and a Being You Certified Facilitator,  I had been lucky enough to get the awareness that I was using my body too, and making it toil relentlessly hard to get it to what I wanted it to do and be. My body was my slave.

How many of you are using your body as your own slave? Never even thanking it for what it accomplishes for you every single minute of your life and instead judging it as not enough, or wrong, and abusing it in so many ways- you name it, like with force feeding it, or forcefully under-nourrishing it, force drinking it, or force exercising it, or force morphing it into something you desire and that does not work for it. Never heeding it- just like some slave-owner thrashing his disobeying...

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