Whis(h)pers & Shouts. What if you embraced your body?



As a BP facilitator with Access Consciousness, I've found out that most people use their bodies but do not embrace them. Before engaging with Access Consciousness and facilitating Bars classes or 2 BP classes or becoming a Symphony Advanced Practitioner, then a CF and a Being You Certified Facilitator,  I had been lucky enough to get the awareness that I was using my body too, and making it toil relentlessly hard to get it to what I wanted it to do and be. My body was my slave.

How many of you are using your body as your own slave? Never even thanking it for what it accomplishes for you every single minute of your life and instead judging it as not enough, or wrong, and abusing it in so many ways- you name it, like with force feeding it, or forcefully under-nourrishing it, force drinking it, or force exercising it, or force morphing it into something you desire and that does not work for it. Never heeding it- just like some slave-owner thrashing his disobeying slave or his excruciatingly exhausted slave until it passes out or is robbed of all volition to keep living?

The area of my life that most exhibited that was my sport practice oriented towards cycling competition that i went into when i was 45. For over 15 years, I went from one bike crash to another, from one diet to another, from one bone fracture to another, from one demanding training plan to an even more demanding and insane one, from 5 or 6 hour competitions to ultra ones that could last for several days and nights on end, from wrecking my muscles & ligaments or tendons, & organs to complete exhaustion and a depleted immune system and on to a few spells of depression. Never stopping to listen to all the shouts my body was trying to get across to my consciousness, always drowning his shouts into more hard work, more thrashing, more undomitable will and harsh power.

I and it had become total strangers.

Until one day, it all came to a stop. I was leading a group of mountain bikers in the mountains of Ardèche

when i was suddenly sent flying over the bar and down the ravine. I didn't realize it at the time but most decidedly I knew I was going to die- and I was a huge resounding energetic NO WAY. I got stopped by a bush and stayed there, on the brink of the precipice, for 3 to 4 hours until the rescuers got to me- a boar was being hunted above, hunters firing shots, my friends were trying to keep them away and talking to me non stop so that i wouldn't sink into oblivion.

The next day, I had surgery. My right wrist was in a mangle. So were my back, my neck my ribs.

Three months later, my body was still like dead to me. Clearly it was waiting for me to do something for it- that deadening of its vitality and resilience was actually a huge silent scream....how cute and smart our bodies are!

So I chose to change it all. That was the second choice i was truly making for my body- the one during the crash, not to let it die and then that choice, to bring it from survival to thrival.

I had no idea how to change it all though, except that i was committed to look for help- which was mighty unusual for me, being then that kind of person who does it all by herself and is proud of it. The only thing i knew was that doctors and medicine were of no use to me. So i took the phone directory, looked for therapists and after a few minutes, a name sort of flashed. Got on the phone, made an appointment. And that's how i got my first Access Consciousness Bars session. And it did change it all for me, for my body. It changed my life, my world.

My body had taken me by the hand (yeah my broken wrist!!) to what was going to save me and it, and to start a new life made of always more choices and possibilities.

It had taken my body to scream to make itself heard by me. I see, hear it all now that i've learnt some 4 years later, to hear and listen to its whispers, and most importantly to HEED them. 

I have so much gratitude for my body, I am so happy to be alive in my body - and the two of us are so alive & kicking it- words can't even come close to express that wonderful relationship we are in. No words either to translate the gratitude I am for Access Consciousness, the amazing and numerous tools they are gifting us, and for their awesome facilitators and classes. 

So what about embracing YOUR body? Never too late. And that opens up such spaces of joy receiving for you and your body. The gift of life and of living.

 OUR CONVERSATION ABOUT THAT TOPIC, WITH IVY: on my video podcast Alive & Kicking It.


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