What Makes Us Children

H.D. Thoreau has been a favourite with me for quite some time now.

And yet my first encounter with his writings, in my college days, was not a playful one. I  couldn't grasp what Walden was about, I couldn't get connected to Thoreau's writing and to the topics that unfold throughout the book.

I could have danced for joy when I put the book back on the shelf, once my two month-long study of it came to an end. 

 I don't know how, but some thirty years later I found myself browsing through H.D. Thoreau's Journal.

First, it felt as if I had just been punched in the stomach, that was staggering- I could so relate with every word, every sentence there, on the page. Then came that elation, that urge to keep skipping to new pages, that revelation of my own being as I was reading the words- as if Thoreau's words  uncovered and unhid  what I had always known, had always desired to have or be. That was some magical reading!

A very meagre natural history suffices to make me a child. Only their names and genealogy make me love fishes. I would know even the number of their fin-rays, and how many scales compose the lateral line. I fancy i am amphibious and swim in all the brooks and pools in the neighborhood, with the perch and bream, or doze under the pads of our river amid the xinding aisles and corridors formed by their stems, with the stately pickerel. I am the wiser in respect to all knowledges, and the better qualified for all fortunes, for knowing that there is a minnow in the brook. Methinks I have need even of his sympathy, and to be his fellow in a degree. I do like him sometimes when he balances himself for an hour over the yellow floor of his basin. (Feb 14th, 1839. At age 22) 

From The Journal of Heny David Thoreau, 1837-1861


Life that comes to us with ease and joy and glory as and with the child we be.

Being with and as animals, nature and the universe.

Being aware that consciousness is in everything, that it includes everything and that there's no hierarchy in knowledge or need for judgement.

That we are energetic beings and as such are in and with everything.

All of these are here for me to relate to in the passage above.

All of these that have become my very being since I have engaged with Access Consciousness so as to commit to always become greater and more aware of all the possibilities that are here for the choosing.

All things I knew and was when a small child.

And there's that uplifting energy as I am writing these words by the pond of a nearby park. My own frozen Walden pond. How much more fun can living be? What else is waiting for me to uncover and unhide in that Kingdom of We? 


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