What gold seeker are you?


I'd like to introduce this article with a few questions.

What do you define as being a gold seeker that it isn't?

And what do you define as not being a gold seeker that it is?

And are you being a gold seeker?


I asked myself those questions when reading Séquoias that French novel by Michel Moutot whose title in English could be Redwood Trees.

Indeed the main protagonist made a lasting impression on me.

Mercator Fleming is a young whaling captain who chooses to let go of whale hunting in Nantucket- thus putting an end to his life as a spermaceti & ambergris seeker. Ambergris was then also called  'floating gold', ain't that interesting? 

He then sets off on a dangerous and six-month-long sea voyage around Cape Horn to California, his hopes raised by the news of the Gold Rush. 

That decision of his is made on the spur of the moment, upon listening to President James K. Polk's 1848 State of the Union address.

After reaching the small harbour of what was not yet known as San Francisco, he makes yet another choice that is altogether different from the one made by all the fortune hunters who are flocking to California from all over the world. He sees that his future and his fortune lie in the gigantic redwood trees that grow all over the mountains slopes there. That's how the story goes.


 By  G.F. Nesbitt & Co., printer

What really got me interested, fascinated even, is how he is able to swap one dream for another in a heartbeat, how he is constantly choosing different and taking actions on his choices.

Also there's that absolute trust in himself, in his calling, and in the bountifulness of nature.

He never stops to dwell on what goes wrong, or is never hindered by what others judge as his shortcomings, his failures or his falts.

Nor does he have any fears as such- he considers what is and goes with it.

He keeps forging ahead, all the while honoring all his passengers and sailors, his ship, the wild sea, and what nature gifts him.

Honoring himself too.

And never seeing anything but possibilities in that wide wild world of the American 19th century.

 He is a gold seeker who doesn't lock himself into the cage of his initial dream of finding gold and becoming rich. And because he is that, gold comes to him in an unforeseen manner and in a huge amount.

He finds within himself what others destroy their bodies and lives for, unable to see or to acknowledge that they are that too- pure gold.

He never gets blinded. They do. He never forfeits his awareness. They do.


 What if i was that too?

That's the question that was at the back of my mind all through reading the book.

What gold am i that i dare not look at, recognize, acknowledge, be and act upon?

 What about you? What gold are you?

Would you be willing to be the gold you are?

Would you be willing to embark on that journey of always going for more of you?

For more of your life?

For more possibilities?

For more abundance and greatness?

What would that take?







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