Being the Symphony of Water


Actually, the title could also be:  

"Being the Symphony of Possibilities with and as Water". 

 That is exactly what I experienced when we visited the Unesco World Heritage site of the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. 

We have a camper van and love touring familiar or foreign lands onboard our ÉPatAn, our gravel bikes at the back of it. So, after I finished live translating Dr Dain Heer's AC classes at Zagreb and Opatija beginning of November, André and I went for a road/gravel bike trip down the blissfully gorgeous Croatian coast. 


Almost from the start, I knew we had to sort of detour to the Plitvice Lakes National Park that is further inland. Not because I had read any guide or brochure for tourists - I never do. Just because I had happened to hear the name and it had echoed somewhere within me- it had been a big “Yes, that!”. André was not that keen on the inland detour, but I can be quite manipulative. 

So, we drove to the National Park on a Monday morning, the crazy gusts of wind from the sea soon replaced by drizzling rain and thick fog as our ÉpatAn climbed up steep roads to some misty plateau. Eventually we made it to one of the entrances to the park.  

It was cold, dripping wet and shrouded in mist. There was an eerie quality that I liked. And there were hardly any visitors - not more than a dozen of us visiting the site!  

At first, I tried to peer at the trees, the lakes and the cascades through the thick mist. And suddenly, I was no longer relying on eyesight to get connected with everything around me, with every creature and being there.

Instead of that, I was listening to them all, to it all. I was surfing on acoustic waves, taking everything in, being everything, being water, being trees, being plants, being fog. I was melting into the loud, tiny or subtle sounds of water, into the spacious possibilities of symphony.

The inaudible became audible, all sounds were convergent and yet unique. And all sounds were moving - actually they were movement, and I was movement with and as them, I could no longer make a difference. I was them, they were me, and the same happened with the trees, the plants, the roots, the rare birds and everything else there. It was an entirely new space of being, a new space of possibilities. And that was miraculously magic. I was miraculously magic. I was being the symphony of water, of nature, of the Earth. I was being the Symphony of Possibilities.  

I thanked and thanked and thanked again Nature, the Earth, the Universe, the Symphony of Possibilities, consciousness, Access, and myself for this incredible gift. And for knowing that I can be that whenever and wherever I choose. That I am being me when I am that, beyond words, beyond anything I know or thought I knew. So simple and easy and joyful and glorious!  

So, please, listen to the video I made there, at the enchanted Plitvice Lakes - the magic is there for you too. If you choose it.  

 Thank you so much.  

My journal of our 4-week long trip to and in Croatia, on Polar Steps- there are some wonderful photos! We visited the lakes on Day 20. 

My Instagram Post about the Plitvice Lakes.

My Alive & Kicking It! podcast episod: our conversation with Sasha Louise, about Being the Symphony of Water.

My Alive & Kicking It! podcast






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