Know what? I have no idea what 'being me' means. Not a clue. The one thing I know: I know when I am being me and when I am not.

Being Me is all about joy, gratitude, ease, amazement and magic. AND the constant choice of new possibilities. It is about being always on the move, with no point of view about it.

Whether I'm literally on the move- on my mountian bike or in my camper van. Or on the move in my choices, my life, my business, my relationships.

Some twenty years ago, when I took up cycling, I began to get that until then I had not been me at all. I had been what others wanted me to be. 

Cycling, or rather my bikes, have been like magic wands to me. They revealed to me what I had taken so much care to bury very deep. In fact, I misread or misinterpreted what was revealed to me, and went down another rabbit hole, that of competition, all the while thinking I had done it and had reached my destination.

Until some four or five years ago, when cycling and a horrendous bike crash coalesced to bring me to the door of Access Consciousness. And to the enchanted journey of Being Me.

It would take pages and pages to go through all the changes, awarenesses and choices that made up these magic years as a Bars Facilitator, then a 2 Body Process Facilitator, a Certified Facilitator, a Symphony Advanced Practitioner, a Maestro and a Being you Certified Facilitator.

It is not about taking pride in all these certifications. It is about acknowledging my commitment to the being I truly be, and to the potency I am. And about acknowledging how Access has allowed me to board its rocket ship and leave for the space journey I had been looking for all my life, and previous lifetimes. 


Anyways, here I am now. Being me. Most of the time. And being that joy, gratitude, ease, infinite amazement and miraculously ever-changing being.

 AND being that infinite gratefulness for Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, Simone Milasas, Brendon Watt, Haris Omanovic, Shannon O'Hara, Anne Maxwell, Rebecca Hulse, Chelsey Dalzell and Dr Lisa Cooney. Their books and their classes have all contributed to my keeping on the move and to my always choosing for more. They have all facilitated me to being me and to start creating beyond this reality and to never stop to do this. 

How did I get so lucky? How did we get so lucky to have them? And what else is possible? And how does it get any better than that?



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